Colonial contact and the history of learning and teaching non-European languages

International symposium/ HoLLT

Organisateurs : (Research Network of AILA (Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliquée – International Association of Applied Linguistics) which was founded in 2015 to stimulate research into the history of language learning and teaching within applied linguistics internationally)

Dates : 8-10 juin 2022

Lieu : Leiden University Library conference room, 2nd floor

Call for Proposals / Appel à communications

Although a major part of European history was, from the 16th century onwards, deeply linked to various colonial projects, the learning and teaching of non-European languages within the colonial encounter remains understudied, with the exception of missionary linguistics.In the historiography of language learning and teaching (and the HoLLT events so far) the focus tends to be the external diffusion of European languages, usually in relation to the teaching and learning of these languages within Europe (e.g. McLelland & Smith 2014; Smith & McLelland 2018) or outside Europe (Frijhoff & Sanchez Summerer, 2016). Priority is also often given to European languages.

This HoLLT symposium intends to explore the social, political, and historical forces that mediate language ideology and practices in non-European language teaching and learning between the late 18th  and mid-20th centuries. 

Key Dates / Dates clés

By 30 April 2022Proposal submission:  Title of presentation250-word abstract5 keywords150-word (max.) biographyName, email addressTo:
By 6 May 2022Notification of acceptance
8–10 June 2022Symposium (at Leiden University, Netherlands) and online
15 January 202315 March 2023Draft articles dueRevised chapters due
Autumn 2023 Publication of special issue/ volume

NB Abstracts should be written in English. Papers themselves can be presented orally in any language with appropriate textual/visual support for those unfamiliar with the language in question. Please indicate language of presentation in your submission.There will be no registration fee. Lunch will be provided on 9th and 10th June. Participants will need to book and pay for their own accommodation and transportation.


Sabine Doff, Tim Giesler, Giovanni Iamartino, Rachel Mairs, Karène Summerer-Sanchez, Richard Smith 

Organising committee:

Karène Sanchez Summerer (Chair), Rachel Mairs (Co-Chair), Sarah Irving  

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