Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Philological Encounters

International Conference: Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Philological Encounters

4 – 5 June 2014, Leiden (NL)

The conference brings together scholars from various regions and disciplines (including Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Sanskrit, as well as European languages) to explore the personal (and especially self-reflective) dimensions of academic knowledge production by studying scholars (i.e., producers) and their contexts (i.e., institutions and societies) in relation to their objects of study. The conference outlines an avenue of research dedicated to the study of tensions, antagonisms and polemics — as well as fascination, cooperation, appropriation and friendship — that transpired as a consequence of the meetings of different scholars and their dissimilar modes of textual scholarship, made possible through international cooperation in the form of conferences, journals, academic associations and student exchange.

Convened by *Islam Dayeh* (Zukunftsphilologie/Freie Universität Berlin), *Umar Ryad* (Utrecht University) and *Pascale Rabault-Feuerhahn* (CNRS Paris)

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