XXIX. Internationales Kolloquium des “Studienkreis ‘Geschichte der Sprachwissenschaft’” (SGdS)

Sprache  und  Kontext   in  der  Geschichte  der  Sprachwissenschaft  

Dates : 4-7 july 2018

Lieu : Potsdam (Germany)

Organisateurs : Gerda Haßler (Potsdam; BRD)  &  Angelika Rüter (Münster; BRD)

Site web du colloque et informations pratiques : http://elverdissen.dyndns.org/~nodus/rb-tag’18.htm

Appel à communications :
Abstracts are invited for the 29th International Colloquium of the Studienkreis Geschichte der Sprachwissenschaft, which will be held from Wednesday 4 July (day of arrival) to Saturday 7 July 2018 in Potsdam.
The venue is the rooms below the main lecture theatre (Auditorium maximum) at campus am Neuen Palais of the University of Potsdam. The colloquium will begin on the evening of 4 July with pre-conference drinks, to which participants of the Franco-German doctoral research meeting « Kollokationen und Diskurstraditionen », which will take place on the same day, are also invited.
The colloquium theme « Language and Context » is intended to widen our perspective beyond linguistic categories and conceptualization processes. The focus will be on both the history of semantic theories which put emphasis on context as well as the development of pragmatic approaches that seek to explain the functioning of linguistic signs in situated and social contexts. Also included is of course the contexts of linguistic theory formation. Talks on any era and tradition in the history of linguistics are welcome.
We ask all prospective participants to register with an e-mail to both organizers as soon as possible, but no later than 15 February 2018. Those who wish to give a talk should provide a title and abstract of around 200-200 words in German or English. Talks can be in German, English, French or Spanish. The conference fee will be around €70.
Notifications of acceptance will be sent out by 1 March 2018. Up until 30 March 2018, you can book a discounted room in either the Schlossgartenhotel (http://www.schlossgartenhotel-potsdam.de/) or Kongresshotel (https://www.kongresshotel-potsdam.de/) with the code « Sprache und Kontext ».
Further information is available from: http://www.potsdam.de (website of the City of Potsdam and tourist information) and http://www.hotels-potsdam.de (hotels and events).
The German original of this call for papers is available at http://elverdissen.dyndns.org/~nodus/rb-tag’18.htm
We look forward to seeing you in Potsdam!

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