Parution : Metalinguistic Discourse

Viviane Arigne and Christiane Rocq-Migette (eds.), Metalinguistic Discourses, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015, 345 p., ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-7258-4, ISBN-10:  1-4438-7258-X

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements vii

Introduction, Viviane Arigne and Christiane Rocq-Migette, 1

Chapter One Metalinguistic Discourse and Formal Representation Jean Pamiès 5

Chapter Two Generative Grammar and Cognitive Linguistics: On the History of a Theoretical Split in American Linguistics Jean-Michel Fortis53

Chapter Three, Metalinguistic Enunciative Systems. An Example: Temporality in Natural Languages

Jean-Pierre Desclés and Zlatka Guentchéva 89

Chapter Four, From Functions to Metafunctions: The Sources of British Functional Linguistics

Charles-Henry Morling 109

Chapter Five Gradients, Scales, Clines, and Structural Ambiguity Olivier Simonin 133

Chapter Six Are Possible Worlds Necessary? Evaluating Theories of Modality Kate Judge 157

Chapter Seven Irony in Two Theoretical Frameworks: Relevance Theory and Argumentative Polyphony Theory Tomonori Okubo 183

Chapter Eight Pragmatic vs. Enunciative Views of Spoken English Discourse: Interpreting the Prosody of Certain Parenthetical “Comment Clauses” Steven Schaefer 201

Notes 231

Bibliography 277

Contributors 307

Index of Cited Authors 311

Subject Index 317

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