Linguistic content : new essays on the history of philosophy of language

Cameron, Margaret, & Robert J. Stainton, eds, Linguistic content : new essays on the history of philosophy of language, Oxford University Press, 2015, 288 p. ISBN 978-0-19-873249-5, prix: 40 £

Margaret Cameron and Robert Stainton: Introduction
1: Deborah Modrak: Method, Meaning, and Ontology in Plato’s Philosophy of Language
2: Francesco Ademollo: Names, Verbs, and Sentences in Ancient Greek Philosophy
3: Margaret Cameron: On what is said: the Stoics and Peter Abelard
4: Peter Adamson and Alexander Key: Philosophy of Language in the Medieval Arabic Tradition
5: Joke Spruyt and Catarina Dutilh Novaes: Those ‘funny words’: medieval theories of syncategorematic terms
6: Gyula Klima: Semantic Content in Aquinas and Ockham
7: Lodi Nauta: Meaning and Linguistic Usage in Renaissance Humanism: The case of Valla
8: E. Jennifer Ashworth: Medieval Theories of Signification to John Locke
9: Benjamin Hill: Locke on the Names of Modes
10: Michael Forster: Herder’s Doctrine of Meaning as Use
11: Patrick Rysiew: Thomas Reid on Language
12: Laurent Cesalli: ‘Meaning in Action’: Anton Marty’s Pragmatic Semantics

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